Minister of Power Visits MAPNA

Dr. Reza Ardakanian took a tour of MAPNA Group’s factories and companies on the outskirts of the city of Karaj, 40 kilometers west of Tehran.

The intensive half-day visit included launch of several projects and unveiling of a series products.
MAPNA's predeveloped platform for mass production of hot section blades and vanes of F-class gas turbine, the critical bottleneck in manufacturing the state-of-the-art machine, 6-MW and 10.5-MW generators, and a four-trailer 25-MW mobile power plant were among products unveiled by the Minister of Power.
Ardakanian also inaugurated commercial operation of the steam sector of MAPNA Parand Combined Cycle Power Plant and synchronization of the first 2.5 MW unit of Aqkand 50-MW wind farm, located in East Azerbaijan Province.
The six-hour visit started with a presentation of MAPNA Group’s history, strategies and missions by MAPNA Strategic Planning & Control Vice President Dr. Alireza Yazdizadeh.
CEOs of MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TUGA), MAPNA Turbine Blade Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARTO), MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing (MECO), and MAPNA Generator Engineering and manufacturing Co. (PARS) briefed Dr. Ardakanian on the scope of their companies’ activities, before the minister took a tour of their factories.
MAPNA Static Stimulation System (MAPEX) and central monitoring system were also unveiled by Minister of Power.
Ardakanian praised MAPNA Group’s achievements and stressed the importance of human resources’ management, environmental compliance, and industry-academia partnership in optimizing productivity.
Addressing recent restructuring in Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aims to enhance economic diplomacy, Minister of Power expressed hope that it would tap into the capacity of MAPNA Group and other Iranian companies in the international market.
MAPNA President Abbas Aliabadi, who hosted Minister of Power during the visit, expressed thanks to Ardakanian for his remarks, and pointed to MAPFAN, joint research institute between MAPNA Group and the University of Tehran, as an example of successful industry-academia R&D partnership in commercial scales.
Source : MAPNA Group News      2018/2/3 15:21