Mapna Group builds 25MW mobile power plant

A 25-megawatt mobile power plant constructed by Iran’s Mapna Group was connected to the country’s electricity grid.

According to the report, this 25MW power plant is designed to be prepared, installed and to go online in a short time in order to provide electricity for less than three months periods.
This mobile plant goes online in less than 25 minutes and functions on both gas and diesel fuels.
Mobile electric power plants are used where the need for electric power is temporary. Such power plants serve as primary power sources in locations far away from power transmission lines. They may also serve as standby sources where other power is ordinarily available.
The power equipment of a mobile electric power plant is usually installed in a truck of tracked vehicle, on one or more trailers, on a self-propelled chassis, or on a railroad flatcar.
MAPNA Group is an Iranian enterprise which operates in the area of construction and development of thermal power plants under EPC scheme, independent power plants (IPP), oil and gas as well as rail traction projects.
Source : IRNA News Agency      2017/6/10 14:22