MAPNA Group Unveils MGT-70(3), its latest gas turbine

A product launch event was held to introduce MAPNA Group’s new product.
MAPNA Group Unveils MGT-70 (3), Its Latest Gas Turbine
MAPNA Group President Abbas Aliabadi and senior executives of the conglomerate hosted Iranian press to introduce MGT-70(3) gas turbine, the latest product of MAPNA Group’s R&D activities.
Aliabadi called MGT-70(3) a “national achievement”, praising it as an example of successful collaboration between industry and academy. He called MGT-70(3) “a unique design” at the E-class level of turbines, which is operating at the frontiers of technology.
“The new design will significantly reduce fuel consumption and is globally competitive in terms of its price”, MAPNA president added, citing environmental and economic advantages of MGT-70 (3).
“With MGT-70 (3), MAPNA bolsters its status as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer),” Aliabadi added.
MGT-70 (3) is the third version of upgrades MAPNA has been carrying out on V94.2 (5) turbines during the past five years. It is different from the two previous versions, MGT-70 (1) and MGT-70(2), in that it includes major redesign of the turbine’s main components, including new 3D blades and vanes, enhanced cooling and sealing, optimized SAS, new base material and coatings, new 3D design for compressor blades, new design for journal-thrust bearing, new mechanical limit, and new design for air filtration.
Turbine capacity has increased from previous 157 MWs to 185 MWs in the new design, while efficiency is boosted by a 2 percent which means 20 million cubic meters less consumption of fuel per year for every MGT-70 (3) turbine and lower carbon footprint, MAPNA president reminded.
According to Aliabadi, twelve units of the MGT-70 (3) are earmarked for installation in Rumaila Combined Cycle Power Plant, near the city of Basra in southern Iraq. The 3000-MW power plant is under construction by MAPNA Group.
MAPNA Group has been active in Iran’s power industry since 1993. Oil & gas and rail sectors have also been part of MAPNA’s business during the last ten years.
Source : MAPNA Group News      2017/7/15 09:45